How to Set Up and Manage Profit First for Australian Businesses by Angus Morrison

Learn how to implement Profit First in your business

Avoid the pitfalls, take care of Australian taxes and reap the benefits of the Profit First system.

Many Australian businesses want to implement Profit First but are unsure how it works within the Australian tax and business environment. This means they never make a start,  never benefit from paying their profit first and are stuck in a cycle of financial frustration. Business shouldn't be this way, so this course was developed to help solve these problems and was developed after working with many Australian businesses in my role as a Profit First Professional and Chartered Accountant. 

The course will take you through setting up Profit First with a 7-step implementation plan designed specifically for Australian businesses.

Go through the steps one by one and you'll get clarity about what you need to do to make Profit First work for your business.

Create success, avoid the cycle of low profits and cashflow problems and become a more confident, financially assured business owner.

How to Set Up and Manage Profit First for Australian Businesses

What's included?

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Managing Cashflow with Profit First - Introduction
Profit First Introduction - Video with Slides
9 mins
Profit First Principles & Principles in Action
Profit First Principles - Video with Slides
11 mins
Profit First 7 Step Implementation Plan
Step 2 - Define How Much Money You Need to Live - Video with Slides
5 mins
Step 3 - Calculate the GST Percentage - Video with Slides
10 mins
Managing GST.xlsx - Example Calculations
15 KB
Step 1 - Choose the Bank Accounts - Video with Slides
10 mins
Step 4 - Calculate the Percentages - Video with Slides
10 mins
Step 5 - Manage Taxes on Wages and Profits - Video with Slides
15 mins
Step 6 - Plan for Variable Cashflows - Video with Slides
13 mins
Step 7 - Decide on Your Timing and Team - Video with Slides
8 mins
Profit First Considerations
Choosing the Bank Accounts - Which Banks to Use - Guide for Australian Businesses
Profit First Summary
Summary - Video with Slides.mp4
4 mins