The Seven Most Common Xero Mistakes and How to Avoid Them by Angus Morrison

Ensure your Xero File is Correct, Save Money on Accounting and Bookkeeping and Achieve Financial Clarity

Do you want to ensure your Xero file is correct, save money on bookkeeping and accounting and provide the financial clarity that comes with correct accounts?

Accountants typically won't show you this as they are too busy doing taxes, so you can end up making costly mistakes and experience large accounting and bookkeeping bills and financial uncertainty.

Xero is a simple-to-use system if you know the basics. This course is the result of working through Xero issues with many businesses and is designed so you don't make the same mistakes.

Simply go through the course, if necessary review the lessons in your Xero demo file and then apply them to your business.

Your Xero file will be correct, you can review your profit and loss statement with confidence, save on accounting and bookkeeping fees and avoid wasted time, effort and frustration. Become Xero confident today!

The Seven Most Common Xero Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

What's included?

Video Icon 8 videos


3 mins
How to Ensure Transfers are Correct.mp4
9 mins
How to Reconcile Payments and Receipts without Double-Counting Expenses and Sales.mp4
8 mins
How to Record Office Expenses Taking Into Account ATO Rules.mp4
5 mins
How to Correctly Allocate Payments to the ATO.mp4
3 mins
How to Add Business Expenses Spent from a Personal Bank Account.mp4
8 mins
How to Reconcile Wage and Superannuation Payments.mp4
7 mins
How to Correctly Reconcile Loan Payments.mp4
5 mins